An unsuccessful attempt 24 hrs comic

"The Star chaser" By Hung Lin
In Memory of my lost "Star"

I've been chasing one star since I was a small boy

I often ponder when will I catch my star?
I go through many emotion

My star always appear in the sky even during the day it still shine so bright...

I often dreamt I'm floating in Space

Reaching for that special star

At Night

I look toward the star

When I first saw the star

I was a small boy
Now I am a man

I live in the dark city

On March 26th
I was in fear

Someone out there may chase the same star as me

I look upon at my star when I feel alone

People laugh at me making me look like a fool

There was a time I felt the whole world have left me behind

As year falls like tree leafs

I've become an old man
Still chasing my star...

I look at her with my growing pain

I wonder when will I ever get my star
As my death draws near

I never get to say goodbye to my son, only to see my daughter in-law sending me off to an unknow place
I begin a new journey toward the star

This was my first 24hrs attempt, and I did not finish untimes but I still push on to the very end after 53 hrs from Saturday to Monday. Although there are still some pages need to be work on, there are 24 pages and it crazy to keep at it. I start to see things that are no there after 28 hrs, by that time I haven't slept since 45 hrs ago.
But I am definately doing it again next year since I don't really mind staying up and keep working something that I don't know what the out come will be.


matt dawson said...

Very impressive worked on it solidly for 45hours...?!!! A really lovely use of colour and layout, and some of your character faces are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Inspiring work. I love the layout, the composition and the atmosphere in general.